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Ani Nersisyan

LinkedIn Profile:

Born In: Yerevan, Armenia

Current Job: Senior Quantum Engineer at Rigetti Computing


Ani was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. She first became interested in physics while attending “Quantum” College, which she graduated with a gold medal for academic excellence. Since then, her entire academic career has been leading to working towards building a Quantum Computer, starting from a BSc in fundamental physics at Yerevan State University and thereafter studying Quantum Optics and Quantum Information during MSc at ETH Zurich and Princeton University. Currently, she is a Senior Quantum Engineer at Rigetti Computing, one of the few companies that challenges Google and IBM at the Quantum Computer race.

During her PhD at the University of Oxford, Ani worked on making exotic quantum devices from carbon nanotubes and was awarded the Arthur H. Cooke prize for her distinguished research work. During this time, she was actively involved in the Oxford University Armenian Society and served as its President in 2013-2014. In parallel, she worked as a Graduate Student Representative at Oxford. During the second half of her PhD Ani worked at Zedsen Limited as a Senior Research Scientist developing sensor technology for applications in medical imaging and robotics. Here she gained valuable startup experience before joining Rigetti to continue pursuing her passion for Quantum Computing. Since 2018, Ani has been a NextGen Council member at the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), where she is sharing her expertise with the Armenian scientific community.

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HIVE Ventures 30 Under 30: Armenians In Tech

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