HIVE Ventures 30 Under 30: Armenians In Tech

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Gevorg Soghomonyan

LinkedIn Profile:

Born In: Yerevan, Armenia

Current Job: Co-founder and CEO,


Gevorg was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. Gevorg received an undergraduate degree from Yerevan State University, where he majored in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, a Masters degree from the American University of Armenia, where he majored in Computer Science, and an MBA from Queens University of Belfast. During his Master studies in 2013, Gevorg came across Paul Graham’s “Startup == Growth” essay about high velocity growth companies, which ultimately sparked his passion for building such companies.

After a few failed attempts to start a company, Gevorg joined Altocloud – based in Galway, Ireland – as their 4th engineer. Over the course of 4 years at Altocloud, Gevorg helped build UI and AI infrastructures. After the acquisition of Altocloud by Genesys, Gevorg spent a few more years in Ireland before returning to Armenia in 2019 to co-found AimHub. Currently, Gevorg is the co-founder and CEO at AimHub – an open source AI Development Environment for AI engineers to help them speed up 10x on starting, recording and analyzing AI experiments. Gevorg is also co-founder at ML EVN – Yerevan Machine Learning Community with over 1500 members across platforms.

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HIVE Ventures 30 Under 30: Armenians In Tech

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