HIVE Ventures 30 Under 30: Armenians In Tech

Celebrating the Talent in Our Global Community

Stepan Sargsyan

LinkedIn Profile:

Born In: Yerevan, Armenia

Current Job: Chief Scientist and ML Architect, Krisp


Stepan was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. He attended Yerevan State University (YSU) where he majored in physics and mathematics. Stepan received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Analysis at the same university. After graduation, Stepan began teaching various math classes at YSU. His knowledge and experience in mathematics allowed him to dive deeper into machine learning (ML) and digital signal processing, eventually leading to his work as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Throughout his career, Stepan has worked on various problems in the fields of image and audio processing. As a result of thorough and purposeful research, he succeeded in building the ML-based noise cancellation algorithm of Krisp. Stepan is currently an ML Architect at Krisp, where he works with the team on new and challenging problems in image and audio processing.

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HIVE Ventures 30 Under 30: Armenians In Tech

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